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Leadership Positions

Below is a list of leadership positions in the FRMQG. We are always trying to grow our guild and would love any suggestions on additional positions or volunteers to help leaders in their current roles.  

Current Leadership for 2018

President- Margaret Jones- will facilitate the meetings - guild and leadership, lead the leadership team, be a signatory on the bank account, sign all contracts, communicate with national MQG leadership as needed, and oversee committees.

Vice President -Anna Ortiz- Performs the duties of the President in the event of the President's absence or inability.  Manages the calendar, adding events and descriptions as they are planned by the guild.

Secretary- Melissa Richie - This person will keep minutes at the meetings - guild and leadership, and post them on the website. Manages the monthly meeting venue relationship and schedules meetings with them. Needs to arrange for someone else to take minutes in her absence.

Treasurer - Janis Williams - This person will keep track of our guild funds, and will be a signatory on bank account(s). Will also give financial reports to the leadership.

Membership -Janis Williams manage the membership list - to include new member applications and membership renewals. Will also give new members the name tag sleeve and membership card at their first meeting. Welcomes new online members.

Swap Mamas -Sally Leavitt, Kari Vojtechovsky, Abby Leonard- in charge of all swaps and bees within the guild. Swap Mamas will keep the schedule of swaps, and if there are assigned swaps, they will keep track of who is swapping with whom. 

Hospitality- Karen Guerra- in charge of greeting people at meetings, making sure everyone has a name-tag and has signed in, coordinates taking care of life events (baby quilts, meals, sympathy, etc.)  and other hospitable-type things. Also manages giveaways and "basket" giveaway, noting who received it from month to month. 

Website/Social Media/Photographer- Lindsay Thompson  - Maintains the website and blog roll, updating calendar events on website and Facebook, maintain an active presence on all on-line sites - Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, Webs - and update there as necessary. 

Special Programs Coordinator Megan Fisher - Organizes and plans all programs and speakers throughout the year. Handles all correspondence and payment to speakers.

Outreach Coordinator -Michelle Davis - Organizes and plans all guild charity and outreach programs and speakers throughout the year. Handles all correspondence and delivery of donated or made items.

Meeting Programs Coordinator -Anna Ortiz - Organizes and plans guild meeting programs throughout the year. Handles all correspondence and payment to presenters.


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