Front Range Modern Quilt Guild

We're quilting along the Colorado Front Range, breaking all the rules.


About Us

  1. What's Your Email?

    If you would like to contact the guild for any reason, you can send an email to [email protected], and we will reply to you as quickly as possible.

  2. Who Can Join?

    Anyone who loves quilting with a modern style. The global Modern Quilt Guild started in October 2009, and has grown to nearly 100 worldwide in just over a year. Modern quilters may use traditional techniques with modern fabrics, or may improvise every step of the way. We like clean, bold lines, very rich, saturated colors, lots of negative space, and solids!

    As of February, 2011, we are a dues-collecting guild, and dues-paying members will have full access to the website, and all meetings and sews are free. Members are also eligible for giveaways and prizes at the meetings. Dues are $25 per year, and can be paid by cash or check. Contact Melissa R or Lyn M for details.

     We welcome people from all over the Front Range. We have members in Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Canon City.

  3. How Can I Join?

    Just show up to a meeting! If you RSVP to the meeting, we'll definitely look for you and welcome you to the group.

  4. When Do You Meet?

    Please check the Calendar tab for the next meeting.

    Unless there is a conflict or a holiday, we meet on the 3rd Saturday of each month. We call this a "meet-and-sew" where we have a regular guild meeting in the morning (10-12), we'll break for lunch, then have a group sew in the afternoon (1-5).

  5. Where Do You Meet?

    We meet most often in Monument, but we try to meet in Denver at least twice a year. Please check the Calendar tab for the location of the next meeting. The meeting notes on the calendar tab have the exact address.

  6. What Is the Modern Quilt Guild style?

    The Modern Quilt Guild brings together people who share an appreciation for a particular quilt aesthetic. It's not traditional quilting, or art quilting, or even defined by what is contemporary. It is a consistent style all on its own, and it has its roots in the Gee's Bend quilters who have been creating Modern Quilt Guild style quilts for over 100 years.


    The MQG was born out of a desire to move the modern quilting community from a thriving internet community to an "in person" community. While the community continues to be hugely present online, it's been a joy for us to start meeting each other in person. The Modern Quilt Guild and its style thrive because of the Internet. Our quilters have blogs and are active on Flickr. We learn new techniques from online tutorials and You Tube videos and chat forums. We like to use old techniques in new ways and we're not afraid to break the rules. Our focus is on the overall aesthetic of the quilt and we're not concerned whether the quilt took 100 hours to complete or a single hour, whether you did it all on your machine or all by hand. We agree that all quilts should be crafted with the highest quality, but do not feel the need to measure our quilts against a standard. We just like it when the quilts are pretty!


    Our quilts are functional--they are washed and used and loved. They generally won't be found on walls; they'll be found in cribs and on beds and on the kitchen floor covered in toys and cracker crumbs.


    We buy fabric from Etsy and independent designers on Spoonflower in addition to our local shops. We use solids--a lot. We like fresh, fun prints and bold colors. We don't often use batiks, reproduction fabrics, or muted colors. Our quilts would be at home on the pages of Crate and Barrel or Anthropology catalogs, and look out of place at most quilt shows.


    Our quilting heroes are women like Denyse Schmidt, Elizabeth Hartman, Jacquie Gering, Alissa Haight Carlton, and Ashley Williamson. The fabric designs that catch our eyes are designed by women like Anna Marie Horner and Heather Ross. The books we turn to are The Quilts of Gee's Bend, Fresh Quilting, Block Party, The Practical Guide to Patchwork, and I Love Patchwork.


    The way we quilt is different, too. You will find stippling, and meandering, and pebbles, and circles, and straight lines and geometric designs...but you won't find a lot of stitching-in-the-ditch. You will find hand quilting, and machine quilting, home machines and long-arms. We believe that the way a quilt is quilted can be just as much a part of the beauty and the art of the quilt as the fabrics or pattern used.


    The Modern Quilt Guild has a style that is an art in and of itself. We're very proud of this new quilting movement and hope you'll join us!

  7. Are You on Facebook or Flickr?

    We have a Facebook page, and can be found at:!/pages/Front-Range-Modern-Quilt-Guild/179262328791470

    We have a Flickr group, and can be found at

     We have another Flickr group for the Adventure swap and can be found at[email protected]/

    Feel free to join both!

  8. Why Can't I Read the Forum Posts?

    There are a few categories that we have password-protected for our dues-paying members. The Forums are one of them, and the Member Contacts is the other. We may add others as we deem necessary, but we wanted to be sure to have a way for active members to feel safe about their private information being available on the website.

    If you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to ask Anna O.

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