Front Range Modern Quilt Guild

We're quilting along the Colorado Front Range, breaking all the rules.

Welcome to the Front Range Modern Quilt Guild!
From Denver to Colorado Springs, Pueblo to Canon City.
We're quilting along the Front Range, breaking all the rules. 

The Front Range MQG is a group of quilters who are excited to be a part of the modern quilt movement. We joined together to form this guild in 2010 and hope to be a place to encourage, inspire, create, collaborate, share, and learn together. Young and old, male and female, perfect and imperfect, rules or no rules, experienced and novice...we are modern quilters!

Modern quilters may use the techniques of traditional quilting to make quilts, or may improvise their own patterns. The end result are quilts that are bold, bright, and clean. We focus on modern design and quilting, using solids, and fabrics from fresh, new designers.

If you live anywhere along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, and have found that you prefer to quilt to the modern aesthetic, come join us! Please enjoy the website, enjoy the pictures, and please join us at the next meeting or the next sew! We would love to have you.

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